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Accommodation & existing spaces of PANORAMA VILLA

The villa has area of 250 m2, is fully furnished and fully equipped (for accommodating up to 10 persons) and extends in 2 floors, with the following brief description of the rooms (bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, office, bathrooms, patio):

  • 1st floor: it consists of 3 large bedrooms, 2 large bathrooms / WC, library and office space, large and bright atrium, outdoor balcony and separate dressing room.

  • Ground floor: it consists of a very large bright living room, a large dining room, a covered balcony, a large and modern kitchen and a “resting room” for guests.

Detailed description of the spaces
of the Panorama villa

Panoprima, Πανόραμα, Πριμαβέρα, Panorama, Primavera

Bedroom No.1
Master Bedroom

With double / large bed and exit to its own balcony with panoramic view to the east-west, across the Corinthian Sea and with an en-suite bathroom (see below).

It has an air conditioner – inverter (Mitsubishi make) and its own boudoir, which is practically a separate room with many shelves, cupboards and drawers. In the boudoir / dressing room there is a hidden complete alarm and surveillance system of all outdoor areas through a network of 12 CCTV cameras, peripherally positioned in the villa, so that there are no “blind areas” for local surveillance.

Bedroom No. 2

Very large room equipped with a big double bed, which can be split in half to create 2 single / separate beds.

It also has a 2nd smaller bed, (possibly for a child), whilst there is also enough space to put a 4th bed for a baby (of cradle type, already existing / stored).

It has a very large wardrobe, bedside tables, A/C inverter / Mitsubishi and a big window with spectacular view across the Corinthian Gulf.

Panoprima, Πανόραμα, Πριμαβέρα, Panorama, Primavera
Panoprima, Πανόραμα, Πριμαβέρα, Panorama, Primavera

Bedroom No. 3

Large room (fitted with a big double bed) with its own wardrobe, library, combined air conditioning / inverter (Mitsubishi), and a window overlooking the Corinthian Gulf.

Office / computer space

Independent & secluded, located in a convenient recess and functions as a separate “working station”, with a large library, utility furniture / seats, lighting, internet / router, many power sockets for electronics and a large round & bright window (overlooking the side of the upper garden).

Panoprima, Πανόραμα, Πριμαβέρα, Panorama, Primavera
Panoprima, Πανόραμα, Πριμαβέρα, Panorama, Primavera

Atrium area

It is a 5x2m wide aperture, which, together with the upper pyramid roof opening (glass), provides a great natural lighting (both on the 1st floor and on the ground floor of this villa).

Very large bathroom

1st floor WC (en-suite in the master bedroom)

It has 2 large mirror furniture, the first one for personal hygiene and the second one with cleaning materials and drying & laundry equipment (for the large laundry equipment, installed in the space).

It is very bright, with a large window to the east and offers comfortable natural ventilation and lighting. It also has an integrated shower cabin.

Panoprima, Πανόραμα, Πριμαβέρα, Panorama, Primavera
Panoprima, Πανόραμα, Πριμαβέρα, Panorama, Primavera

2nd bathroom – 1st floor WC
(serving the above bedrooms No. 2 & No. 3)

It is fitted with its own furniture with mirror (for personal hygiene) and has its own west-facing window for natural lighting and ventilation. It also has an integrated shower cabin.

Ground floor areas and main entrance

Living room / salon

Very large, with 4 large sofa beds (which can be used for sleeping by 4 different persons), monastery-style large tables, big energy fireplace and equipped with 2 very large rotating windows (giving great panoramic views across the garden, Selianitika village and the entire Corinthian gulf), with the possibility of darkening the room using heavy curtains.

There is a very large -combined A/C inverter installed (Mitsubishi), a local alarm control panel and many auxiliary / decorative lighting fixtures and furniture (on top of which are available for the renters laminated maps of Aigialia, Achaia, Peloponnese districts and local maps of Patras, Aigio, Nafpaktos and Kalavryta cities).

Dining room

Large with monastery type table (where up to 10 persons can sit), with auxiliary furniture and decorations, having also a guest WC (equipped with furniture with multiple shelves and large cupboard, containing a range of essential and first aid medicines, with bilingual instructions / Greek & English).

The room is equipped with a smart TV (on top of a stand-alone / multi-drawer furniture), video / cd player and separate radio / cd player.

It has direct access with a large door to a covered balcony, with spectacular view across the garden and east-west to Corinthian Gulf. The monastery-style dining room can be easily moved to the outside of the covered balcony (for a better view and more coolness in the summer).

On the east side it has a very large window on the garden area, whilst the entrance to the balcony gives direct access to the dining room / kitchen area from the outside car parking area (of 2 cars).

Large kitchen

With plenty of peripheral cupboards, shelves and drawers, equipped with permanent and portable cooking equipment: electric cooker / range hood, large fridge-freezer, dishwasher, hot and cold-water supply (with 2 large stainless-steel sinks) and a very big window with view towards the sunrise (for natural lighting and ventilation).

The kitchen is separated by a large passage from the dining room, which below has a series of drawers for portable equipment.

Panoprima, Πανόραμα, Πριμαβέρα, Panorama, Primavera

General comments & accessories

  • All internal spaces and stairs are made of hardwood floors (except laundry and bath areas).     

  • A solar water heater is installed on the roof of the building (providing plenty of hot water throughout the summer and other seasons / days with sunshine).

    In case of overcast (and / or overconsumption of hot water), then an electrical resistance can be switched-on to produce additional hot water.

  • Large radiators are provided throughout the villa, which are supplementary (during winter) to the existing energy fireplace and the A/C inverters (all of Mitsubishi make).

  • In the living room there are suitable fire extinguishers, as well as a foam extinguisher over the burner of calorifier (i.e. automatic fire extinguisher). In all fire extinguishers plasticized labels are hung with instructions for their proper uses (bilingual: Greek & English).
  • The safety alarm of each villa is activated in 2 ways: either via a local panel (immediately after the entry from main door), or by appropriate remote control (i.e. portable button / to be delivered with the keys).

  • In all bedrooms and hallways there is a series of prototype paintings.