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Swimming Pool, BBQ, Gardens, Fields, Outdoor spaces

Outdoor swimming pool
(with fresh water)

  • The swimming pool has its own automatic water purification and filtration system, plus a dosing chemicals mechanism (to prevent greening), all installed in an independent shed within at a distance from the villas (to reduse noise).

  • There are peripheral pool lights, which switch on automatically at night and create a beautiful atmosphere.

  • In the garden there is an outdoor shower (with fresh water) for before and after use of the pool.

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  • Around the pool there is a beautiful flooring (made by teak hardwood) and offers plenty of space to fit the existing sun beds (total 12 sun beds for adults and 2 for young children).

  • On the access steps (around the pool) there are protective metal fences (to secured in the closed position, if / as needed) to prevent unaccompanied kids, from approaching the pool (they also prevent the tree-leaves from falling into the pool).

  • The bottom of the pool is inclined, has 3 round steps for entering, where its entrance depth is 30 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm and at the opposite side the depth reaches 2.65 meters (approx.).

  • The wider pool space gives instant access to the courtyard and the lower garden through 2 independent scales/ stone steps. There is plenty of space covered with artificial lawn (next to the pool) for sun loungers and sunbathing, but also for fitness, yoga, etc.

Fruits & Vegetables / Pickup Fun for renters

  • The whole garden is arranged on different levels with a wide variety of flowers, plants, vineyards and fruit trees, as well as winter and summer vegetable gardens (planted according to each season).

  • There is a separate list of fruit trees (about 40 plants) and vines (about 50 plants) with a big variety of fruits and grapes, produced throughout the year. (See separate tables with names of fruits and vegetables, maturing every month and being also available to tenants).
  • It is noted that all tenants are free to collect and consume every fruit & vegetable, which has already matured (since it is also organic): it is suggested to be done by their children and under their supervision, in order also to record such “harvest collection”, through photos & videos.

    For the collection of grapes (located beneath the vines and since they are 3 meters high), there is a light metal ladder available to assist in the picking-up of whatever matured grapes.

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Covered BBQ, rustic furnace & external messroom

  • It has a total surface of 32 sqm, with a traditional rustic oven, built under a large plane tree and equipped with white marble tables (i.e. to ensure clean surfaces for food preparation), marble sink with water supply, and many electric sockets for grills and other home / cooking appliances.

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  • Next to the barbecue area, there is a specially designed circular space, equipped with a round metal table providing 10 seating positions (for dining, relaxation, music, under the dense shade of various trees), while at night the area is illuminated by 6 floodlights.

  • For those who want to cook in the barbeque and wouldn’t like to use the interior dining rooms there is a specially designed circular space (stone built), in which it is placed a circular metal table and extra chairs, where a beautiful space of 10 seats is formed under the dense shade of food mulberries for eating, relaxing and listening to music.

  • For those who want to continue until late in the evening, the combined space is illuminated by 9 different floodlights placed peripherally all over the space.

Measures applied for energy savings and protection οf the environment

We try to motivate our visitors to assist us for achieving our green goals in our villas, whilst giving the good example, we implement the following:

  • Abt. 50 photovoltaic cells are installed on the roof of building, for the production of electricity from solar energy, using the maximum possible size allowed for such household installations (9.87 KW).

  • Practically speaking, the annual electricity produced (as above) exceeds greatly any power consumption during the holiday months, so in the end our complex is essentially energy independent.

  • We use LED light bulbs everywhere to save energy in all areas (indoor and outdoor).

  • For watering all plants, flowers, vegetable garden, fruit trees, etc. we use extensive “drip irrigation networks” to save water and maximize water yield.

  • We participate in the waste recycling program of the Municipality of Aigialeia, by separating the recyclables at their source of production.

  • Pruning of trees and plants, dried leaves and plants are collected by our gardener and transported to a suitable area of the Municipality of Aigialeia, as designated for production of compost / plant soil.

  • We use a lot of organic fertilizers and apply principles of organic farming (i.e. we have planted roses / markers for possible infestation in the vineyards, enabling us not to spray unnecessarily).

  • At the edge of the farm, a complete compost production facility has been set up to transform dry leaves and pruning residues into an organic fertilizer through a 3-level treatment of plant materials. The goal is to use the compost on the farm to enrich the soil and not use chemical fertilizers.

  • Double-glazed windows have been installed on all exterior windows for energy saving.

  • Large wood from pruning and trimming on the farm is used either for the oven / barbeque or for the 2 fireplaces.

  • Both fireplaces are of energy type to save thermal energy, while the hot water supply is provided by the solar water heater (In case of overconsumption of hot water, or constant cloudiness, only then the switch of the electrical resistor is used, which actually is rarely needed).
  • Existing electric refrigerators have been selected to be of energy class “A”, for the best possible use of electricity.

  • In the installed air conditioners, an environmentally friendly freon is used, while LPG is used in the oven and stove’s hotplates of the ground floor kitchen.

Sports activities, tennis court, basketball / football court

  • In the lower part of the farm there is a field (of length X width = 40×14 m) with artificial lawn (well fitted over a very thick layer of sand and pebbles for quick drainage of rain water).

  • This field is also suitable for running (around the court), as well as for sun loungers having a beautiful view of the Corinthian gulf. The site is monitored by a security camera.

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Parking places and Entrance / Access

  • There is an exterior parking space (under the cover / roof) for 2 large cars, as well as other open parking spaces inside the farm area for additional eight (8) cars (i.e. in case of various social events).

Garaze, Γκαραζ, Πανόραμα, Panorama
  • The farm site has two (2) different accesses and separate keys are provided, namely for the:
    a) main (south) entrance, closed by a metal sliding door/ fence (through push-button remote control),
    b) second entrance on the north side, which gives alternative access (in case of a possible problem at the main entrance).


Excursions and food & drink in neighboring areas:

  • The 2 villas are located in the right “middle” area: it is close to the beach of Selianitika (for food, coffee, etc.), but also within a short distance from various attractions of a great interest.

  • The villas are offered both for solitary confinement (hence food is cooked in their kitchens), or a “delivery food”, which is provided from Selianitika tavernas (and usually takes 10-15 minutes, upon ordering, bi-lingual menu lists are also provided for renters, in Greek / English).
    Additionally, there is a 3rd possibility of excursions to neighboring areas, where numerous tavernas, restaurants and coffee can be visited

  • Such tavernas, restaurants barbecues and coffees, etc are open day & night (during summer), along the coast in Selianitika (of about 3 km length):
    A small presentation can be carried out by the villas’ manager (after delivering the keys and familiarizing the tenants with the equipment of the villas) and if there is of course time and possible interest.



  • For every 3 nights stay, the next 4th day housekeeping services are provided; by changing the sheets, pillowcases, face and bath towels, as well as general house cleaning by the 2 cleaning ladies.

  • The maids enter the cottages only when the tenants are present and therefore a prior coordination is required for their approximately 1-2 hours attendance (at each villa).


Autonomous & closed outdoor monitoring networkύ

  • There are 12 closed-circuit cameras that record the areas around the villas: when the alarm is triggered, 4 regional floodlights (500 watts each) are automatically lit for the CCTV cameras to better capture what is happening.

  • There are 2 separate functions for each alarm system (which is independent for each villa):

    (a) “perimeter only”, which is activated when tenants are in (only peripheral contacts are switched-on) and

    b) “all on”, which is activated when the tenants are out of each villa (both external contacts & internal radars are switched-on).

  • The alarm can be armored in 2 ways, either by entering a code on the safety alarm panel (just after the main entrance), or by pushing a portable button / tool, when being outside the house.


Heating system, air conditioners and fans (each floor has its own autonomous heating).

  • It is completely autonomous and has sufficient heating power to heat simultaneously both villas.
  • Each floor of each villa has separate thermostats for adjusting the room temperature, while the radiator bodies are appropriately distributed at the sides of all rooms (large enough and painted with electrostatic paint).

  • All bedrooms and living rooms are equipped with powerful A/C systems (split type combined with inverters) and where this is not absolutely necessary, powerful mechanical fans are provided (and also in the lower / external dining area).

    Portable fire extinguishers of the appropriate type and size are fitted at prominent spots (of both villas), with proper marking and having hung laminated instructions (in Greek and English) for their appropriate application.


Internet / mobile connection

  • Three (3) different routers / Wi-Fi are provided for better internet communication: 2 indoor (one for each villa / lounge & office spaces) and also 1 exterior (reaching the edge of the pool). The premises are covered adequately by the public mobile network.


Pharmacy cabinet (for each villa) & Direct Access to local Hospitals (by their cars)

  • A proper cabinet is provided in suitable location, with proper marking containing twenty (20) types of essential pharmaceuticals and basic medicines, which all are listed appropriately (in bilingual lists in Greek / English, together with their expiration dates).

  • Their use is free of charge for tenants, subject only to following strictly the contained instructions.

  • The Aigio General Hospital is about 6 km away (or about 10 minutes’ drive, through national road,   to the east direction / driving for Athens), and also there is the University Hospital of Rio (at 25 km distance, driving also through the national road, but towards Patras / west direction).



  • Pets are hosted outside the villas, as long as they have their baskets (or houses with them) and provided they do not damage the gardens / plants.


Weddings, Christenings, Social Events

  • The large open spaces of the villas are ideal for such events, mainly during spring / summer periods and especially for couples who want to combine their relatives’ hospitality, a few days before and after the wedding and / or christening events.

  • There is a separate list of services offered (which can be made available by e-mail), if interested in such events and willing to combine their own catering with a complete package of hosting services, together with the availability of beautiful indoor and outdoor venues.

Events of companies, groups, associations

  • For this and the previous cases, it is possible to combine both villas in one large accommodation house and for up to 17-20 persons.

  • Corporate presentations / conferences can be held either in the large ground floor lounge of Panorama villa (properly air-conditioned), or on the outside area of the Primavera villa, which is covered with artificial lawn.

  • For both a.m. cases, a proper video projector can be provided, together with a proper retractable screen, for the necessary power-point presentation. Alternatively, the big TV screens can be used, whenever presentations should be made indoors and / or by using proper usb stick.

  • In case of interest, there is a list of services (and facilities available) that can be sent as an email attachment to the candidate renters / companies.

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