Property Rules
& General Remarks

Minimum time of stay and payment terms, plus (possible) discounts

  • The minimum stay time is 4 (four) nights.

  • To confirm the reservation, it is required the payment 35% of the agreed total price (remittance within 3 days of finalization of the agreement), while the remaining 65% (plus the amount of 300 €, as guarantee, against possible damages) to be paid up to one (1) month before the tenants’ arrival date.

  • In case of renting over 7 nights (stay), then a -5% discount is offered on the basic rental rate (of respective villa) and in case of over 30 nights stay, then a total discount of -10% is offered.

Car necessity

  • For your own transportation it will be required to use your own means of transportation (either personal or rental car). All tenants need definitely a car that can be rented either: a) on arrival at the Athens airport, or b) through rental companies in Patras or Aigio.

Neighboring beaches and coasts

  • The pebbly beach of Selianitika is located in a vertical distance of 1 km (or 1.5 km, by car) and which has alongside numerous restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars, etc. throughout the summer.

  • Similar establishments can be also found further (east side) on the beach of Akoli (3 km away), as well as on other beautiful beaches at distances of 5-10 km (our guests can be informed in details through the relevant / local maps to be available to them, upon arrival in villa).

Guarantee for Damages

  • There is a compulsory payment of an additional amount of 300 € (payable together with the 2nd part of the agreed amount), as a guarantee for possible damages to the villa, or its equipment.

  • The guarantee is refundable 100% (minus possible remittance costs) within 7 days of the tenant’s departure, provided that no damage (or losses) are found to the villa on the day of departure and before the owner collects the keys.

Check-in and check-out hours

  • Scheduled time is 14:00 on arrival and 12:00 on departure.

  • However, by mutual agreement with the landlord, the above hours can be significantly improved (to serve the guests), provided that there are no other tenants arriving, or leaving on the same day.

Cooperation with cleaners, gardener, craftsmen

  • The maid enters the villa (usually during afternoon or evening hours), but after consulting with the tenants, for making sure that at least one of the tenants is in villa.

  • The gardener has a daily presence in the gardens (during summer time), for watering and plants maintenance, he is very discreet and usually works during the afternoons, until sunset.

  • Technicians are arranged by the owner / manager (in case the tenant finds possible damage to the equipment or the networks of the villa) and he attends accordingly, upon a relative / prompt request.

Familiarization with each villa and its equipment
(use of proper checklist)

  • On the day of the tenants’ arrival a checklist (in Greek, or English) will be used with approximately 35 points, by an authorized owners’ representative, to familiarize them with the villa and its equipment.

  • Familiarization is carried out in Greek (or English) and a proper copy is given to tenants.

Necessary efforts for energy and water savings

  • Tenants are kindly requested (when departing for their daily excursions) not to leave the lights on, taps running, and air conditioners working, etc. for avoiding unprofitable waste of energy and drinking water, with no practical benefits for anybody.

  • See water and energy saving rules in the relevant PDF file

Rules & Clarifications for the Use of Outdoor Swimming Pool

  • There is separate text of swimming pool rules posted at prominent position, to be followed by all tenants using the pool.

  • Rules apply to all visitors (and definition?), which are described in Greek/English in a laminated sign at 2 different areas / entrance points of the swimming pool.

  • Visitors/ Tenants are asked to follow the rules to avoid accidents and always supervise their children around the pool.

  • See the rules for the proper use of the pool in the relevant PDF file

Cooperation and mutual understanding with “neighbors” of next door

  • Given that Panorama villa is located just above the Primavera villa (but with completely different entrances and having full autonomy), it is likely that there will be tenants concurrently in both cottages and obviously they will have to share (possibly) the pool and/or the barbecue.

  • Practically speaking (and from previous experience) there is no problem due to the size of the pool (which is of 60 sqm net area) and the total surrounding space of 160 sqm, provided a good faith in the distribution and placement on the sun beds and the ensuring peace of mind during the quiet times.

  • (There are total 12 sun beds / chairs and 2 more for young children).

Smoking by tenants

  • Smoking is not allowed in the indoor and all enclosed areas of the 2 villas, except in the outdoor areas and the 2 open balconies.

Arrival of more tenants, compared to those declared when booking villa

  • The 2 villas have accommodation and sleeping facilities: in Panorama for 10 persons and in Primavera for 6 persons. It is expected that there will be no possibilities for actual hosting of more persons than those initially declared, since the facilities are not available.

  • For the possible cases of less 10 and 6 persons (respectively for the Panorama & Primavera villas), (but more than declared in the booking), then necessary communication / application to be made in advance to the respective Owner / Manager, for a prompt agreement. Ιn addition to accommodating babies and young children (see below).

Noisy parties by renters

  • Guests are welcome to organize possible birthday parties or other parties they wish, as long as they don’t:
    a) invite non-guests,
    b) annoy the neighbors and
    c) damage the houses / gardens / equipment.

Baby / Toddler Hospitality

  • In case any guests have babies, a wooden crib with its own mattress and blanket is provided, as well as a special baby chair / table for feeding this baby.

  • In this case, the owner needs to be informed to transfer both furniture to the designated locations.

Requirement for passport scanning at arrival

For identification purposes of the visitors and in order to confirm / cross reference of details during booking, it is required to present and scanned 1-2 copies of the leading visitor – providing (either I.D. card or passport)

The details will be utilized in parallel (from corresponding owner) to be submitted to the local tax authorities for the confirmation of booking duration and leading visitors(s).

Requirement for facilities inspection before keys returned

  • During guests’ arrival, a detailed walkthrough will be given to internal and external spaces (in order to ensure the good condition and cleanliness of such), where visitors can confirm facilities meet their expectations as stated in mail and descriptions.

  • During the walkthrough (in Greek/English), visitor(s) will have a demonstration of the fixed and mobile equipment of each facility, as well as the proper way of use.
    For this purpose, a bilingual guide (Greek/English) will be provided for the familiarization of visitor(s) with relevant spaces and equipment. The guide contains approximately 35 key-points and a copy will be handed to the visitors.

  • Before visitors’ departure and return of the keys (main and supplementary), a short inspection will take place (either from the landlord of corresponding property or representative of them), to validate facilities are being returned in good condition, a vital condition for the return of the properties of the owner(s).

  • Before return of the keys and in case any damage is noticed, they should be reported to the landlord immediately and possibly deposit a charge will be kept from the deposit as penalty fee.

  • In case, no damage is reported within 7 calendar days (from the departure date) the full amount of deposit will be returned to the used account for the last 2 payments (1st and 2nd instalment) for completing the booking.

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