Panorama Villa

The villa has area of  250 m2, is fully furnished and fully equipped (for accommodating up to 10 persons) and extends in 2 floors, with the following brief description of the rooms (bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, office, bathrooms, patio):

  • 1st floor: it consists of 3 large bedrooms, 2 large bathrooms / WC, library and office space, large and bright atrium, outdoor balcony and separate dressing room.

  • Ground floor: it consists of a very large bright living room, a large dining room, a covered balcony, a large and modern kitchen and a “resting room” for guests.

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Primavera Villa

The villa is fully furnished and fully functional for six (6) people, with a total area of 170sqm, extending to one floor (ground floor) and includes 2 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 dining rooms, living room, office, bathroom:

  • 2 bedrooms

  • Fully equipped kitchen

  • 2 8-seater large tables in each dining room (one internal and one external).

  • Living room

  • Office

  • Bathroom

  • Laundry and storage room

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Possibilities of isolation in villas & significant minimization of contact with locals / residents

The recent problems with Covid-19 pandemic are causing significant difficulties during the summer holidays and the voyage arrangements of travelers / tenants.

The complex of the two villas (Panorama & Primavera) is particularly suitable for this summer season, as it provides isolation opportunities & minimization of contacts with other tenants or residents of this area.

For more details on these particular features and benefits of the complex, please see the fourth part of the Aboutsection.

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“Panorama & Primavera Villas” is an active member of  “Oinoxenia Quality Network”

We are very pleased to announce that the “Panorama & Primavera Villas” is an active member of the “Oinoxenia Quality Network”. Created in 2013 and originally concerning the 10 wineries in Aegialia. Now expands its membership categories, including hotels, tourist accommodation, restaurants / taverns, wine bars, shops selling local products.

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Availability of accommodation and infrastructure
for Digital Nomads with employment
away from their workplaces

Although, the movement and interest in the various short-term rental accommodation is intense / excessive during the summer, however lately it appears that the winter is also not lacking in terms of employment opportunities given that the new employment trend, which has been created is to be able to work away from the classic workplaces / offices. Since many employees in their offices are constantly busy behind a computer screen, it becomes clear that although the computer can be in the office, but also anywhere in the world (practically on the large balconies of the Panoprima villas or even in the fully equipped offices that we have created in our 2 villas).

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Facilities, Infrastructure, Equipment, Swimming Pool, BBQ, Gardens, tennis court, open spaces.


Read about your various activities’ options, inside or outside the villas

Reservations / Cancellations

Terms and Conditions to ensure your booking (or cancel) your stay


Keep informed for all topics regarding your stay at the Panorama and Primavera Villas

Exact Vacation Location and Access Instructions

  • Whether from Athens or Patras, the arrival is via the “Athens National Road Athens – Patra” (NEO) taking the exit No. 23: the signs are written in Greek and English “Selianitika / Logos”.

  • When exiting from the NEO you will drive to the entrance of Selianitika, on the old Patra – Corinth Highway, where the old highway in this area is completely parallel to the NEO (and about 400 meters away).

  • The owners’ meeting point with the tenants is at the entrance of the Selianitika Cathedral, which is the stone-built church of Agios Vasileios, located just on the old highway and about 600 meters from the entrance point to Selianitika.

  • The accurate meeting point is annotated with a pointer in the shape of a pin, pointing in the residential area of Selianitika, while the southern 2nd pin annotates the estimate location of the properties.

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