Special information & supplied documents / maps

List of fruits and vegetables
(what matures annually and during specific months)

There is a relevant three-page table describing fruit trees on page 1 (and what fruits are produced per month), page 2 describes 10 vegetables for winter and 10 during summer periods, whereas page 3 describes all aromatic plants (and when their leaves and flowers could be collected).

Tenants are informed that they can collect anything that is matured. For their help, there are notes in the relevant / combined table for the appropriate months of maturation.

As for the grapes, all they are “table grapes” (for eating and not for producing wines), which are also grown organically.

In particular, for those grapes produced in the 2 large vines (10 length X 3 width / each and which are at a certain height of 3 m.), there is a ladder available for tenants to approach safely and collect them.

See list – PDF

Table with 10 Aigialeia Wine Producers
(for visits & wine tasting)

The area of Aigialeia produces very good quality red and white wines (due to its ideal “territory”) and it is highly recommended to tenants to visit as many winemakers as possible (for wine tasting), while at the same time in their facilities can be purchased at very cheap prices very good wines of different varieties, age and types.

In the relevant two-page table (Greek & English) there are all the contact details of all these 10 wine producers, which almost all of them provide normally wine tasting possibilities, after simple telephone communication with them.

See list – PDF

Circular excursions & their pin on local maps

There are possibilities for the tenants to carry out daily / circular routes with a starting point of the 2 villas.

Relevant details are given on the local maps that will be given to the renters upon their arrival, as well as in the sketches that have been created (one sketch per circular route, along with the km distances).

Touristic information
(from EOT / National Tourism Organization of Greece)

In the living room of each villa, there are many publications (Greek, English, French, etc.), which deal with information about gastronomy, excursions to archeological sites and religious tourism, or other attractions, as well as maps of Athens / Piraeus (in case the tenants would like to spend a few days on their sights, upon their return to Athens).

Urban maps: Patras, Aigio, Kalavryta, Nafpaktos

Relevant laminated maps are available in the living room of each cottage, which tenants have the opportunity to use for their excursions to these neighboring cities.

Events “Oinoxenia”
(within the 2nd half of each August)

For the renters, who are in the area of Aigialeia during this period, they are provided with a printed program for the entire duration of the 15-day events, which contain specific information about the daily events in a suitable area of Aigialeia.

The events are special and unique and it is strongly recommended that the guests attend them, as they provide many opportunities to get acquainted with the local culture and civilization of Aigialeia.

(“Oinoxenia” is a combined term, produced from the Greek terms: Oinos / Wine & Filoxenia  / Hospitality, both terms characterize the local culture to be promoted within these 14-day period).

Events of “DI.K.EP.A”
(during the whole year and for every year)

This Municipal Community Enterprise of Aigialeia is actually a subsidiary of the municipality of Aigialeia (and in addition to the previous events of “Oinoxenia”) finally holds dozens of cultural events during all months of the year (which the tenants are welcome to attend, as they are very interesting and most of them are free of charge).

Relevant information available in the printed program it publishes, which is available online at its website (www.dikepaigialeias.gr).

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