General description of each villa

Panorama & Primavera villas are set in the middle of a 4,000 sqm farm, full of flowers, plants and crops along with a large / fully equipped 60 sqm swimming pool and a large tennis / basketball / 5×5 football court.

The combined villas establishment is in a very quiet area, with the nearest / neighboring & residential cottage being 100 meters away, while it is surrounded by neighboring crops with citrus trees, orange trees, olive trees, vineyards, etc.

Definition of exact location

The combined villas establishment is located approximately 500m from the New National Road (NEO / exit No. 23 to Selianitika & Loggos, 5 minutes access), in a direct distance 1,000 m (approx.) from the beach and in an average altitude of 170m (giving a panoramic view from east to west of the entire Corinthian Gulf), just opposite the “Trizonia” islands complex (with its very beautiful and enclosed / picturesque port for tourist boats and yachts / pleasure crafts).

Distances from Athens, Patras, Aigio
& safe access information

The distance from Athens (by using the new National Road) is 180 km, which is practically covered in 1.5 hours, 2 hours drive from El. Venizelos’ / Athens airport and the distance from Patras is 28 km, which is practically covered in 15-20 minutes (approx.).

The distance from Aigio is 7 km and is covered by the new highway in 5-10 minutes and 15-20 minutes via the old highway (given the crossing through some villages).

Possibilities of isolation in villas & significant minimization of contact with locals / residents

  • There is no need of a special travel approach and use of an airplane or ship or even waiting in passenger areas, but only a simple road trip by car from the resident houses (for the Greeks) directly to the complex of the two villas (or alternatively for foreign tenants directly from the airport with a rent car without any necessary stops towards the complex).

  • The nearest house is located at a distance of about 100 m., while the area of the villas is not densely populated and the main road is practically only for the residents.

  • Any shopping / purchases needed are concentrated at a distance of about 80 meters (located on the old main road Patras – Corinth) and there are available shops for food / supermarket, bakery, fruits and vegetable shops, butcher, patisserie, fishmongers, newsstand, etc., so the relevant purchases can be made within half hour, at most.

  • In case the tenants would not like to cook, there is the possibility for home delivery with cooked and grilled dishes by (at least) two separate restaurants / taverns and with a delivery time approx half an hour starting from the telephone order (in this case bilingual catalogues with prices in Greek and English are available and each tenant can order food of his choice or / and try local recipes).

  • In case the tenants want to swim in the sea / visit the beach, there is a fairly large coastline with a few bathers that the owner / manager of the villa can inform them in detail upon their arrival and provide them with local maps.